About Brass Reload

As recently as 22 years ago, reloading enthusiasts and ammunition supply companies were both searching for once fired brass and reloading components were having trouble filling their needs. With two wars going on, the American military was using as much brass as they could get their hands on, leaving the average American Reloader simply unable to find high quality, inexpensive once fired brass. Brass Reload LLc was founded to provide hunters, shooting sports enthusiasts and reloaders with the high quality once fired reloading brass they need.

Brass Reload is committed to supplying our customers with excellent quality once fired reloading military brass. Brass Reload supplies both commercial reloaders and the recreational reloading community with high quality once fired brass. All of our once fired brass is purchased directly from the American armed forces in bulk orders from military bases and facilities across the country. Fully processed once fired brass from Brass Reload is always of dependable quality and ready for reloading upon arrival, though we do recommend sizing the neck on your once fired brass before reloading.

The founder of Brass Reload, Eric, began purchasing once fired military brass in the summer of 2009 for his annual prairie dog hunting trips in South Dakota. An avid reloader since 1990, Eric has experience with multiple reloading machines and once fired brass cases. While purchasing and reloading his once fired brass, Eric decided he could sell the extra brass from his orders to supply the growing demand for quality once fired reloading brass.

Brass Reload LLC. was established in 2010 with the goal of establishing ourselves as a reliable supplier for quality once fired reloading brass. Our dedication to excellent customer service and the fastest shipping times possible, coupled with our commitment to providing superior quality reloading brass and excellent customer service sets Brass Reload LLC. apart from the competition. Contact Brass Reload for all your superior quality once fired reloading brass needs. Please browse through our wide selection of available once fired reloading brass for sale online.